For this project I am working with a Teensy 3.6 and am trying to sample ultrasonic frequency modulated inputs(~100 - 20 kHz), lasting at most 20ms, from two microphones simultaneously (or as close to that as possible) then save them to a uSD and being able to then accurately rebuild these signals to process.

I have a rather beginner level understanding of programming and while I have figured out how to use the ADC library I am very stuck on how to implement this, along with whatever else I need, to accurately sample and store this data. Based on things I've read and my limited understanding the best steps to accomplish this task would be:

1. Use ADC library to simultaneously read in inputs using the two ADCs
2. Store these values into a buffer
3. As buffer fills dump data into uSD file using DMA

My problem is that with my limited understanding of how these pieces work I don't know if I am currently on the correct path or how to implement these steps to work together, or if this is even possible on the hardware. Any guidance or helpful resources would be extremely appreciated.