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Thread: Teensy 3.6 prop shield major yaw drift

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    Teensy 3.6 prop shield major yaw drift

    I purchased a teensy 3.6 and installed a prop shield "Motion Sensor" version. Ran through the

    I have never been able to get anywhere close to stable yaw values. It ranges from .5 degrees a second to over 3 degrees a second of drift. A bump changes everything. Recalibration makes no difference.

    As described here:
    Yaw is drifting terribly when the board is stable.

    Steps To Reproduce Problem
    Follow all installation and calibration instructions here:

    Hardware & Software
    Teensy 3.6
    Prop Shield
    Arduino IDE version: 1.8.7
    Teensyduino loader version: 1.44
    VID 16c0
    pid 0483

    Operating system & version Win 7 x64

    So I went and tried everything here:

    And was able to get the dependencies installed and it compiled. Then calibrated via the software provided and that routine. The quaternion results are NaN but everything else feeds back fine. Copied the calibration.h as its required for this one and recompiled. Still nothing.

    How do you get a basic stable yaw value from the compass?
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    See the answer to this post where you originally posted the issue:

    You also try the Kalman Filter version which tends to be more stable.

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