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Thread: SD card problems going through Audio Tutorial

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    SD card problems going through Audio Tutorial

    I spent a large part of today getting through the Audio tutorial, or getting started really. Part_1_02_Hardware_test went OK on both boards I have standing here: a Teensy 3.2 and a Teensy 3.6, both with an Audio Shield. (The Teensy 3.2 is soldered onto the Audio Shield with long pins, for the Teensy 3.6 I used male and female headers.)

    Then part 1.03 gave me problems for a long time. Reading through the forum, I understood the problem must be with the SD cards. They had been used with Raspberry Pi projects before, so I deleted all partitions and performed a full format. This 8 GB Sandisk SD can now be read with the Teensy 3.6, and Part_1_03_Playing_music is working, as do 1_04 an 1_05.

    Now the strange thing is that the same card can not be read on the Teensy 3.1. Of course I changed the pin number, from BUILTIN_SDCARD to 10, as well as the MOSI and SCK. Tried with the CardInfo example of the SD library, but no joy. (CardInfo does work on the Teensy 3.6.)

    Tomorrow I will go out and buy a brand new SanDisk Ultra like recommended here ( In the meantime: are there any tests to be done to find out why the 3.1 is not reading the SD card, while the 3.6 is?

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    All right, I don't know what happened exactly. I made a second SD card with all the files, and it works. And the previous one works now too.

    Problem solved!

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