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Thread: Helmet Visor with led screen suggestions

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    Helmet Visor with led screen suggestions

    Hello there,

    I'm doing this project right now that is a cool astronaut Helmet, similar to the one on The Martian movie and I also want to implement a LED visor similar to the one on Kygo song Stole The Show
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    I don't really have experience with Led Strips, much less controlling them in a screen like style. So I would really appreciate some indications of content I can research or suggestions on the following Questions.
    I intend on Buying the Teensy 3.6 with the Octo Shield for this project.

    For my first version, I would like to make an 8x32 matrix with WS2812B 144 led per meter strips in a way that would allow me to see from the inside of the helmet, and I would like to know what should I be cautious for regarding the circuit to make this a wearable system, I was thinking a Battery Managment System with a Lipo could be enough, or maybe a good power bank with a voltage regulator like the 7805 could be enough.

    Regarding the general build, if I use a single 2-meter strip with 288 LEDs assemble to look the same, instead of 8 32 LEDs strips could I make some reliable effects? I understand the WS 2812 may not be the best options for this but maybe if this is viable I could increase the number of rows since is not really a big screen. And I imagine the idea would work the same on dotstars.

    Lastly, I recently discover the DotStar Micro LEDs (APA1022020) but I haven't found a LED Strip made with it. And since I pretend to try and make a more dense matrix with a better resolution I was thinking about making my own PCB. Or better yet my own thin strip that would help me to see from inside the helmet. Since there is a simplified example in the datasheet:
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    I researched what should I consider when making this circuit, and my idea was to simply put the resistor for each LED in the back and run Vcc track there, and connect the rest like in the photo leaving an extra millimeter in the bottom to make a thicker ground line. The problem is I never worked with SMD circuits so I wouldn't really be sure if I should consider other factors in this case aside from the power dissipation and since the led has 0.5W max I think thermal stability won't be an issue. Any suggestions in this area would be really welcome since most Led Strips are not very thin, maybe there are some challenges I didn't found.

    Thanks in advance

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    Sorry if I have you wrong but you want to install an LED matrix in a visor that will be worn so the visor acts as a screen - like a Heads Up Display? How would you see when wearing it, the LED Strips are not transparent.

    Again, sorry if I have misunderstood.

    Have you looked at - Adafruit have a wealth of videos and tutorials that may give you some inspiration and tutorials that you can adapt.

    Cheers and good luck.

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    Maybe it's a performance head piece or something. Still, cool project though, I've always seen led screen visors on music videos very futuristic.

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