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Thread: looking for a larger tft screen

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    looking for a larger tft screen

    Using the teensy 3.6, I see this screen available on the web site - . I am looking for a larger screen. Has anyone used a larger screen that
    is supported by the teensyduio libraries?


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    You might want to look at gamedunio3. It uses its own libraries, and not the Teensyduino libraries. I must admit to buying one, running some of the demos, and then putting it in my drawer of things to get back to.

    There are two display sizes:
    • 4.3" 480x272 LCD panel with resistive touch screen (this was the model delivered from the kickstarter campaign)
    • 7" 800x480 resistive touch screen (this was added to the store after the KS)

    There is also this post about making the 3.6 support VGA:

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