As part of my project I would like to record a short sample of mono audio to the CF then play it back in a loop.
For testing purposes I am using the USB for sound in and out as it is easier in the aspect that I do not have to keep swapping over the speakers. to input the sound I am using Audacity and this seems to work well.

At the moment I am working with RAW format as I don't see the need to have to add the WAV header as the sound file will only ever be used on the Teensy 3.2.

I am however finding that the recording has a bit of hiss and regular dull clicks, I'm assuming this is due to the writing of the audio stream to the flash during the recording process. As i said the audio is being feed in via the USB port and was wondering if there is going to be a performance increase if I use the audio shield so as to reduce the clicking or is this just something that is not going to be possible?

The project is for a guitar looper. Doing a search I see a few others have embarked on similar projects but have not seen anything that has been successful.

I had thought about using some SRAM but the loops need to be quite long and that will requite a fair amount of ram.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.