Hey all..

Been drilling down the forums looking for answers for my questions before I spit them out on this thread. Iíve got the basis down I just want to confirm and ask some questions. Any help would be greatly appreciated or Links to anywhere would be as well =)
Hereís what Iím looking to do in a nut shell.

50 strips of WS2812b laid out top to bottom spanning a 75í wall all 1M strips debating on going with 60LEDs vs 144LEDs.. Iím leaning more towards the 144 just because it will look more defined but 60 LEDs may be more cost effective.
The LEDís will not be side by side nor at the same height.. so itís not going be a display but more of just ambient lighting affects for the wall..
I was working with a UNO as a proof of concept only to realize the board canít drive 720pixels. Thus me ending up here.

Iíve ordered a the 3.6, OctoWS2811, pins headers etc. and have 5 of the 1M 144leds. Iím supplying power with a 5v 60a . I know Iíll need more power once I get ready to go full scale.. this is just for visuals atm.
I also know once I get the hardware this week Iíll be able to knock out a bunch of my ?ís with trial and error.. but Iíll ask the more info you get the easier it is to understand the end result.
Now onto my questions..
I have read the Octo can control 8 strips.. And since Iím really not doing any type of display.. Is it possible to control 1000Ledís with each channel? I read that somewhere and if thatís true then then end number of 3.6ís I will need is drastically cut down.

Next is a verrrrrry vague question that I donít know how to word right other than just ask.. This is something I need to think about for future use of the wall.. Is it possible to switch from (not even sure what program Iíll be doing here) whatever program is controlling the lights on the boards to say either a music input or a DMX controller without having to flash the board.. Once I get the board and can get some hands on time Iíll better know what I can and canít do.. so if anyone knows what I mean.. otherwise just ignore this =p

Last question for this post..
This shows cutting the pads apart.. I intend to power all the hardware with the power supply.. So Iím guessing I need to do this as well.. is this just using a knife to scrap / cut the board? Is it just that easy? And then applying 5v power to the Octo on the header pin?

Thatís all for now. .I know Iíll have more questions and Iíll for sure update this thread with my findings / updates on the project as I go along.

Thanks again!