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Thread: SD-card time/date sort

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    SD-card time/date sort

    I am successful using the T3.6 and internal Sd-card.

    I can report a folder from a folder using File entry where the File Class has methods that provide name() and size() but not date.

    I can get date/time by using:
    card.init(SPI_QUARTER_SPEED, _csPin);
    root.openRoot(volume); | LS_DATE | LS_SIZE);

    I hope someone has:
    received the card information as a string or series of strings as opposed to direct output to the Serial Monitor.
    received the file/date/size from a folder as opposed to the entire card
    sorted the directory according to date or alphabetic as opposed to random.

    Otherwise it is modifying the SdFile.cpp.



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    This does not do it for me. There are examples for reading the file information but I need the modification/creation date and time which is part of the directory information

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