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Thread: Teensy audio library

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    Teensy audio library

    Hi , I'm making an audio project with teensy 3.6. I wanna ask You all whether the audio library, that Is explained in, can be used without the audio board but connecting the microphonde and jack to certain pin and using the own SD card. Morover, could I know the best choise for the pins? I Need an audio line In, an audio line Out and three analog input.
    I invoke PaulStoffregen
    Thanks for the help
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    As explained in many places here in the forums and in the Audio lib design tool, the audio lib can be used only with the integrated ADCs and DACs of the Teensy. Technically, there are a few things to understand, though. The microphone would need a preamplifier to allow the ADC full resolution which is given with an input signal of 1200mVpp with a DC offset of 600mV added because of the inherent unipolarity. The required low source impedance of <= 10k is also a factor to take into account. Similar for the DAC outputs: you‘ll have to use DC blocking capacitors for the line output(s) to remove the 600mV DC offset afterwards.
    The pins which might or should be used for audio in and out are well documented in the right sidebar when selecting the corresponding analogInput and analogOutput objects in the audio design tool.

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