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Thread: Teensy Midi Controller

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    Teensy Midi Controller

    Hi all,

    I have been looking into building a midi controller with a Teensy board, but would like some guidance on which would be the best for my project. I have found documentation of code for controllers with up to 8 buttons or digital inputs, but I want to double that and I would like to know which board would be the best for me.

    I am trying to put something like this (minus the gyroscope) with additional 4 rotary potentiometers and 4 slide potentiometers. Overall, the board would need to have at least 16 digital inputs, 8 analog inputs, and maybe up to two more digital input buttons, so I can switch between midi note banks. Any help with what board to purchase, or other threads of others working on similar things would be appreciated!

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    I would imagine a Teensy 3.5 or 3.6 has enough pins on the main row of pins to allow:
    • 1 serial port (2 pins) for MIDI input (such as 0/1)
    • 1 serial port (2 pins) for MIDI output (such as 9/10)
    • 16 digital pins
    • 8 analog input pins
    • perhaps using the 2 i2c pins (A4/A5) to connect to an i2c display

    I would suggest using a perf-board that has two rows of pins for power and ground to simplify the connections so that each digital or analog connection has its own power/ground pins.

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