This is more of a general post so I won't be attaching any code. I really like Teensy but I'm having a terrible time getting started because I am new to electronics and microcontrollers. I've tinkered with Arduino Uno and Mega 2560 but that's it. I decided to check out Teensy (first I tried 3.6 with Audio Shield ...but I fried it so now 3.2 + Audio Shield via the Tutorial kit). I do have a specific project/goal but when switching over to Teensy I found that finding tutorials that are current & up to date for beginners are few & far between. Perhaps my google skills suck?

I love this forum and I've done as much reading but it is completely overwhelming to a newbie. It's like a tornado of information.

I kindly ask for any links & resources from you smart people here. All I've really done is look through the pjrc forums (and failed google searches) but after awhile I feel like a hamster on a wheel because I don't fully understand everything.

A specific example is...I would like to randomly play samples from the Flash memory. In the forum, I see conflicting instructions on how to get the RAW files onto Flash memory...much of which appears to be outdated. And each time I try a method...I fail. It's like everyone here is ultra smart and omitting steps that are assumed to be known. For instance...I was so stupid, I didn't realize I needed to do run: cmd on Windows10 for the command prompt (derp!) in order to try out the TeensyTransfer (another fail). I would really love a tutorial for beginners on how to get RAW files onto the audio shield Flash memory. I have 100+ RAW files that I want to put on there and play randomly using the hardware TRNG. When I try the SerialFlash example...in the Serial Monitor, it will list the first RAW file then freeze for hours. I don't know what to do.

Another example is...I would also like to use the Talkie library but can't get any of the examples to work. I think the audio shield may be the reason but cannot find any examples of Teensy 3.2 (or 3.6) + the Audio shield. I only see examples using the Prop Shield which I have but isn't soldered. I am waiting for my husband to do that for me.

I also have some Emic2 boards here (my original intention) -- uno & mega had a stack/heap problem due to String usage. Unfortunately...with the emic2 there is no way around that problem and String usage is required. I'd love to know how to wire a Teensy 3.6 to emic2. I already fried one 3.6 but have another on hand if I can find instructions.

So...basically l'm asking for any links / resources that may help me since I'm so new. I'm so new I don't even know how to ask the right questions!

Maybe Santa will deliver me this present. Doesn't hurt to hope.

Merry Xmas & Happy Holidays to all!