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Thread: Will Teensy 3.6 suffice for my project?

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    Will Teensy 3.6 suffice for my project?

    Will Teensy 3.6 suffice for my project?

    I want to mix 8 analog audio channels may be apply an FIR and output the sum using DAC. Will the teensy 3.6 will be enough?

    I am a newbie with the audio electronics, so any suggestions on how to implement it?

    Thanking in anticipation.

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    The short answer is: yes, but it depends. You haven’t been very specific about your project in terms of sampling depth and precision. The internal ADCs and DACs of the Teensy 3.6 allow for a 12bit resolution. If that is sufficient and if you have the coding skills, you might sample 8 analog channels at 44.1 or 48kS/s using advanced techniques like DMA and dynamic reconfiguration of the ADC input multiplexers. The summing of these channels as well as applying a FIR and outputting the result through the DAC(s) is a rather trivial task for whatever Teensy 3.x.

    In case you need higher resolution (16/24bit) and/or higher sampling rates, you’d have to use an external ADC or CODEC chip which would then send the sampled audio data to the Teensy using a TDM protocol or similar. Afterwards, the computation part inside the Teensy for summing and the FIR is again trivial, knowing that these CPUs have all DSP like command set extensions which allow complex computations like 32bit multiplication and 64Bit accumulation within one single CPU cycle, thoughtfully crafted assembly provided.

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