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Thread: A Teensy 4.0 demo. Playing the old Stunt Island DOS game. Real time 3D.

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    A Teensy 4.0 demo. Playing the old Stunt Island DOS game. Real time 3D.

    The Teensy 4.0 is a powerhouse, I'm impressed! Playing an old DOS game, emulated 8086 code on the T4.0 with real time 3D rendered gameplay. It handles it with no problem. I suspect it would be a lot smoother if the SPI LCD module wasn't such a bottleneck, but even still this is very playable.

    I'm looking to release this emulator project soon, too if anyone else wants to mess with it. Just need to tidy a few things up. It runs just about any real mode DOS program you throw at it.

    CPU and system emulation is very intensive, so the speed this thing is cranking out is pretty insane for a microcontroller.

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    Very cool! Microcontrollers are not what they used to be.

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    Here you can find few emulators that I ported to the teensy4. 8086 was one of them. You can try changing the HDD image for this particular game. 512k ram might be a bottleneck. There was a project on t3.6 using spi ram also.

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    Jean-Marc, VERY nice project! I'll have to give yours a try and check out the various systems.

    It looks like you're actually using my own 8086 code in yours!

    It didn't run so well on the AVR, and I didn't expect it to, but it was fun/funny seeing an Arduino do that.

    The T3.6 with SPI RAM project was mine too. That one didn't support MCGA/VGA though, this one does.

    Looks like you also did NES! That's actually another one I was planning to do myself after this. I already wrote one for the Mega2560, but again of course, it was far too slow to be useful.
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    The link didn't seem to work, but I did find it here:

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