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Thread: Board at usb:10003/0/0/8/4 is not available

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    Board at usb:10003/0/0/8/4 is not available

    I can upload my program to the board, but Serial montior keeps giving error : Board at usb:10003/0/0/8/4 is not available
    Any suggestions?

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    oops ingore. User error (how do you delete a posting?)

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    Doesn't usually happen to have things get deleted. You can click the 'report post' triangle! icon - but better to just fess up and say what you learned in case it can help somebody else.

    Non-windows OS it seems - and no idea left of what Teensy

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    Now worries on the question.

    As a general rule we only delete spam here.

    Might help others who get the same experience if you could briefly say what went wrong and how you realized what was happening.

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