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Thread: Teensy++ 2.0 update via rs485

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    Teensy++ 2.0 update via rs485

    I have my custom made home automation system which currently uses Arduino Mega as a server, and Arduino Nano as clients (15 in total) communicating over RS485. I was running out of flash space on client so i thought to upgrade to Teensy++ 2 (i can't go to 3.3v chip as there's already a bunch of other components running on 5V and it's already very tight space to add additional ttl converters everywhere.

    Teensy++ has quite a lot of pins and memory, and it' small footprint (which perfectly for my clients replacement) but my main concern is locked bootloader - on Arduino i'm using optiboot with RS485 support as i'm flashing clients from server directly (with previously uploaded hex file to external eeprom).

    I read some related threads here, but i found only some solution for 3.x+ boards (with storing bin file into upper half of flash space) which doesn't work for 2.0.

    I also intend to replace server with Teensy 3.6, but as it's using mostly UARTS for communication between various devices there won't be much changes to interface (only few TTL converters).

    So my definite question is, can i flash Teensy++ over rs485 or i have to search for another alternative?


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    Only USB is supported for uploading code.

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