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Thread: Teensy with Atmel Studio 7 + Visual Micro

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    Teensy with Atmel Studio 7 + Visual Micro


    Am porting my Arduino program over to Teensy LC but because of its size I prefer to use the extra editing features of Studio7 +VM.

    Have found two 2013 threads in this forum about using Teensy with Studio+VM, but only bare info and nothing since ?

    Has anyone successfully run Teensy with these programs or if not, can suggest a better alternative ?


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    Well got Teensy working OK on Studio 7 etc, however one little problem exists that as a beginner am not sure whats the best way to handle things.

    It relates to the Teensy Libraries, eg OneWire.
    If I build a Teensy project with the default Arduino OneWire it gives an error until I replace it with the Teensy version, but if I then change back to a pure Arduino project that needs OneWire it seems to compile and work ok using the Teensy Onewire.

    So it suggests (?) some of the Teensy libraries are cross compatible, but suspect some are not ?

    Rather than renaming the libraries each time, is there some better way to handle the libraries when switching between Teensy and pure Arduino projects ?

    Ah, just found one of Pauls earlier answers to the same point, though wonder if anyone has since found a simple workaround.

    Currently thinking/trying out using a USB stick with a Portable version of the Arduino IDE just for Teensy projects ...?

    This is a "feature" of Arduino. You can force Arduino to use your own copy of a library by putting into your sketchbook libraries folder, which by default is Documents\Arduino\libraries.

    Trouble is, when you put a copy of SPI, Time and Wire in there for some particular project, they will always get used even when you don't want them to be used for another project. The only solution is to move them out of that folder.
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