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Thread: Cannot reprogram after waking from Snooze.hibernate or Snooze.deepSleep

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    Cannot reprogram after waking from Snooze.hibernate or Snooze.deepSleep

    Hey there, I'm using the Snooze library on a Teensy 3.2 and trying to save power when off by using the Snooze library. My code goes to sleep, then wakes up successfully via a pushbutton interrupt.

    When I use Snooze.deepSleep or Snooze.hibernate, I can't re-program the Teensy unless I do a hard reset by disconnecting power, despite the program resuming successfully (LEDs turn on, etc.).

    When I use Snooze.sleep, I'm able to reprogram without the hard reset as normal even after waking from sleep, but the power usage savings in this mode isn't good enough.

    I know deepSleep and hibernate use the VLLSx modes. Is there something about these modes that prevent me from reprogramming after using them? If so, how can I reprogram without the power disconnection? I'm using a battery and in an enclosure, so in production this is an issue.

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