Hi all
I have successfully hooked up my Teensy 3.5 to a number of neopixels (externally powered) and all works well from a hardware point of view
The idea is a christmas lighting project with around 2000 pixels (250 pixels per string - all draped on trees in the garden)
The OctoWS2811 Rainbow example works well on them

But, the HSB colour wheel is clearly not linear - yellow occupies just a few degrees, red not a huge amount, whereas greeny blue occupies a lot of the wheel
If I run a simple 360 degree rotation of the colour wheel (MakeColor 0 through to 360) then my trees spend a lot of time green and blue, with not much time in the red to yellow part of the spectrum

I know I could mess around with the array to stretch out the yellow and shorten the greens etc by trial and error but, before I start, does anyone have something to hand or aware of any correction to apply to the colour wheel to get a more even pattern when cycling around the wheel please?

Many thanks