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Thread: Adafruit_VS1053_Library

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    I find that there is a copy of "Adafruit_VS1053_Library" in the teensy folder hidden away in the Arduino stuff. How different is this than the original? I have to do some testing and I'd like to know what changes you need that I'm going to have get my head around.

    Thanks millions!

    -jim lee

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    I've never used it but I don't think any changes are needed. The Adafruit website version of the library has an update to allow optional use of the SDFat library but otherwise they look the same.
    Try the examples that come with the library to test it. The player_gpiotest example compiles for Teensy3.6 using Arduino 1.8.8 and Teensyduino 1.46_b6


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    Yes, I've been running my old copy, the current Teensy copy, and now the new version with changes. Seems to all run the same on my Teensy.

    Interesting issue on all the versions though. if you set the volume over and over in your loop(), from then on your redraws go as slow as molasses. Don't know what its breaking. Just pinpointed that issue last night.

    -jim lee

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