I have the following setup.

CD player with line out

Teens 3.2 with audio board

Power amplifier for speakers.

I have my Teensy line in connected to the line out of the CD player.

I have my Teensy line out connected to the line in of my power amplifier.

I use the Teensy to analyze the audio signal.
I do not want to change the audio signal in any way.

on the audio board I set the line in signal to 0: 3.12 Volts p-p
on the audio board I set the line out signal to 13: 3.16 Volts p-p

The Teensy line out signal needs to be higher for the amplifier.
What do I need to amplify this line out signal.
Is there ready made solution or one I can build myself.


Remko van Dokkum
Greets from Amsterdam / The Netherlands.