A few years ago, I embarked on a project to build & program a midi foot controller for my AXEFX2.
I managed to do this with a little success, but I've never been fully happy with the performance for updating my TFT display with:
PS number, PS name, Scene number, Blocks in PS & their bypass state.
Sometimes its laggy, displays incorrect values, refreshes multiple times or locks up.

I'm using a Teensey 3.6 alongwith Arduino code & basically been learning along the way.
I use a mixture of CC, PC & sysex msgs.
CC for setting Bank (0 to 2), Scene.
PC for PS number (0 TO 127)
Sysex for gettings PS name, blocks in PS, block bypass state

So what I'm looking for is ideas of how to go about this from scratch, mainly around the reading of sysex msgs that get send after:
- sending set Bank & PS number
- sending set Scene number
- request block info

Any suggestions would be gratefully appreciated.