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Thread: ST7920 spi library

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    ST7920 spi library


    is there a library for the st7920 lcd spi, because the library u8g2 does not work with teensy.

    my screen works well and is connected to the corresponding pin.

    i have tested with reset and not reset connected, but it not work

    Thanks in advance.

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    it work on stm32 but not on teensy 3.6

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    Telling us simply "it does not work" is not enough to give efficient help. The forum rule requires that you publish all needed information like code, schematics, and so on, so that others might precisely reproduce your problem.

    What does not work? Is it the data flow on the MOSI pin? the assertion of the CS or Reset pins? Or is it missing specific defines for the Teensy in the library's source code? What have you already done to find the cause of the problem?

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