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Thread: How to use TDM Microphone Array Demo Board

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    How to use TDM Microphone Array Demo Board

    Hi all,

    I encounter the TDM microphone array ( 16 mics),which is very interesting for me
    The details can be found here

    I would like to read the audio signal of the array using either Rasperry Pi ( or even computer)
    However, as i has no knowledge in electronic, i could not make use of the board.

    As i try to read from the board guide
    and the PI GPIO layout

    I think,
    to power the board, i can connect the PI GPIO 3.3V+ground to the J9 jumper.
    to read signal, i need to connect Pin5 of J1 to any GPIO of PI. Let assume GPIO4

    However, I dont know what should be the correct way to read the stream data form the TDM board
    whether the data is interleaving or non-interleaving, block size, bit format.....

    As i could not find any document. Please help me on this. Thank you very much

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    Although this is not forcibly a Teensy question, I only can give you a few hints: TDM is a serial audio format, similar to I2S but allowing more audio channels (for example 4) in a frame than the latter which is limited to 2.
    GPIO is definitively not the way to go for that - too bulky and too slow. You'll need a MCU with internal dedicated I2S/TDM hardware. The Teensy 3.x processors have that, and the Teensy audio library has a TDM input object to handle 16 channels. So, this could be a way to go:

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