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Thread: SAE J1939 CAN to teensy 3.6

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    SAE J1939 CAN to teensy 3.6

    Hello everyone,

    I'm looking for a way to have some data of a Battery Management System (BMS) to be displayed on a dashboard of a car.
    The data that I need are on the Bus CAN format. Specifically the SAE J1939.

    We wan't to use a teensy 3.6 to convert the data from the BMS to the dashboard.

    Have anyone of you already tried this ? Or just to convert CAN data with a teensy 3.6 ?

    Thanks for everything !

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    not familiar with the j1939 protocol itself, but theres 2 libraries available for teensy 3.6 FlexCAN_Library and IFCT. You might want to search github for “J1939 arduino” or “J1939 teensy” to show what shows up. If you find a teensy version most likely it will be using FlexCAN_Library.

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    hello everyone,

    I'm looking for an exemple on teensy3.6 and reading protocol j1939.

    thanks for everything

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