Is it possible to adjust the pulse width of the modulated waveform object's pulse wave shape?

I'm using modulated waveforms in a synthesizer project and they are great. However, it seems that you lose the ability to adjust pulse width.
The docs for the modulated waveform object omit the pulseWidth() function, so I assume the answer is no, but now I'm wondering what's up with its pulse wave shape; is it set to a fixed width and if so I'm curious what that is?

In the code, I can always hop over to a regular waveform object for PWM, but it will add a fair amount of complexity to my relatively large 3 oscillator polyphonic audio chain that I'd prefer to avoid. It would also create the other challenge of how to communicate via the interface that frequency modulation isn't available on the pulse shape and PWM is, but that's my problem and now I'm rambling.

Thanks in advance