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    I want to interface a cheap midi controller such at this - to a teensy 3.6 with the teensy audio shield.
    The control message from the midi device will be linked to various attributes of the audio components - delay time, filter cutoff, etc. It looks like all the smaller/newer controllers only have a USB interface, and not the "old" 5-pin round connector.
    SO what options to I have to interface such a setup?


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    If the device only has USB, you would need something to act as a HOST and can recognize USB MIDI Class compliant devices in order to extract the data, then send it out a serial port instead.

    You may be better off buying a proper MIDI controller with DIN connectors, or building your own. Teensy LC's are a great platform for custom building your own MIDI controller. No, it won't be as cheap as the one you linked if you need a lot of encoders and switches, but sometimes the only to get what you need is DIY.

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    Since you have a Teensy 3.6, it can act as host. You might need a cable: and the pins.

    This example code may help: Examples>USBHost_t36>MIDI>InputFunctions

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    Actually I was mistaken. My axiom49 controller does have traditional midi in/out. So I got a breakout board to connect -

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