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Thread: Audio board line I/O connections

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    Audio board line I/O connections

    Hi, I am trying to establish all the components that I will need for my new project:

    And after a lot of reading and searching I have not found any place where the line input and output connections for the Audio Board are explained. Could anyone confirm whether the following conetions are right?

    With TRS 1/4 jack:

    With TS 1/4 jack:

    I have some doubts about the schema. Specially with the TRS option, as I see 5 pins. In the example I am not using the upper pins and I am using the same ground pin for both channels. I am not shure if that is correct.

    I assume that with the audio shield I can connect the jack sockets directly to the input/ouput pins and I have no need to create the following schema, as it applies only to the Teensy's ADC input:

    Is that correct?

    Thak you for your attention.
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    The pinout is intended to match audio cables intended for a PC motherboard, but I think you have the pinout right, though check your actual jacks since if done as per your photos I think you would get the tip and ring of the jacks reversed. The lower drawing is the additional hardware needed if you wanted to directly read a signal with the Teensy ADC and not needed if you are just trying to get passthrough of audio for your effect.

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