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Thread: Accuracy of Teensy 3.5

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    Accuracy of Teensy 3.5

    Hello, what is the accuracy of the Teensy 3.5's analog input pins? I will measure the voltage of a battery by using analog input pins, and accuracy information is required for me.

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    The ADCs have 12bit resolution. You can even set them to 16bit, but the last 3-4 bits will mostly contain noise, so we start with 12 usable bits which corresponds to 4096 steps. Then, you might choose between two reference voltages: 3.3V and 1.2V. If you take 3.3V, step height will be 3.3/4096= 0.8057mV or roughly +/- 0.4mV. With the 1.2V reference, it's 1.2/4096 = 0.2930mV or roughly +/- 0.15mV. More detailed info about noise, ENOB and DNL in the data sheet:

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