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Thread: Dual CANbus 3.6 send to CAN1

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    Dual CANbus 3.6 send to CAN1

    I've bought some Tennsy 3.6 to use in a CAN network. I see that I need a transceiver in order to connect the Teensy to the CAN-bus.
    Is it possible to send from CAN0 to CAN1 without the transceiver? I have connected Rx to Tx, and uploaded one of the examples in FlexCAN, but I dont see any messages.

    I need to test my code, and I am still waiting for the transceivers to show up...

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    You need attached a diode to the Tx pin like this:

    Click image for larger version. 

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    More info at:

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    Thanks, i will try this!
    I read somewhere that the transceiver was just a voltage converter. That was obviously not the case...

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    Given that the T_3.6 is not 5V tolerant - and runs with 3.3V being logic high - should the pullup for the "1" level instead be a 3.3V pullup?

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    Yes, best to connect the 3k3 resistor to 3.3v instead.

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