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Thread: Using PT8211 without the headphone jack

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    Using PT8211 without the headphone jack

    I assembled a PT8211 and connected to a 3.2 board. I did not install the headphone jack, instead I hookup some some wires to see if I can figure out how to reroute it to a panel-mount 1/4 jack.
    Based on a little time with the jack and a 2.5mm TRS male to male cord I deduced that I would get audio signal for the left channel between the GND and outside LEFT pin (green and yellow in my picture) and I would get signal for the right channel between GND and the outside RIGHT pin (Green and blue in my picture). Yet no luck running the PT811Sine example. I have tried several other combinations including the two pins on each side and ground to the inside pins and still nothing.
    I did modify the code to output to the 3.2 onboard DAC and did have success so I know that my cord / amp / jack setup is legit.

    Note in the wire (yellow / blue) on the outside pins are soldered from the other side of the board

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Any suggestions?

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    From this photo, I can guess but can not actually see where the blue and yellow wires connect. I also see 2 more wires, red and white. Why are there 5 wires? I can't see what you're actually doing with those wires... all I can do is guess. But I'm going to make a completely blind guess anyway: Maybe you have run these 5 wires to a TRS jack or a pair of TR jacks with a built-in switch that connects or disconnects when the plug is inserted? Maybe those switches are unintentionally shorting or disconnecting the signals? Obviously this is just a completely blind guess, since we can't see where those wires go and you haven't given any info about what you're actually doing with them.

    Normally I don't recommend desoldering. It's very rough on the PCB traces. I can tell you this board definitely does work in stereo when you solder the supplied connector and plug in a common 3.5 mm TRS plug.

    When you connect it differently, there are all sorts of ways you could cause it to not work. I hope you can understand you're straying pretty far from the path where PJRC can officially support this ~$2 product. Still, if you show better photos and give more specific info about what you're really doing (like a part number or datasheet for whatever you're connecting) maybe we can help.

    Alternately, I would recommend you use the supplied connector. It definitely does work. Unless you have very good desoldering skills, simply buying another PT8211 kit might be the most effective way, since it's so inexpensive and desoldering is so difficult to do without damage to the board.

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    I figured this out, I had the chip soldered in facing the wrong direction. I installed a new one and its all good.

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