Hello All,
I've had a bit of trouble switching addresses on the Garmin LIDARLite. It's reading distances marvelously, but to use two on a single I2C bus, thus far making i2c_t3's wire calls has been an issue.....only with the LIDAR's address change procedure. Weird.

Anyway....... to get a handle on this, It's been suggested by Garmin that I use their library....

The problem is I can't get it to work with i2c_t3. The compiler output lists multiple definitions of functions, some from
arduino_build_976966\libraries\Wire\WireKinetis.cp p.o: In function `Print::availableForWrite()':

and some from
arduino_build_976966\libraries\LIDARLite_v3_Arduin o_Library-master\LIDARLite.cpp.o: In function `LIDARLite::LIDARLite()':

So.... I suspect the WireKinetis.cpp file perhaps references wire.h?????

The general question behind all this (I think) is how does one tell the Arduino IDE to ignore multiple libraries? But more to todays issue, what would be needed to make i2c_t3 and LIDARLite play nice? ;-)
Thank You,