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Thread: Reading pots in Teensy 3.6 and midi

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    Reading pots in Teensy 3.6 and midi

    Hi guys, I'm making a simple project, it's a usb midi controller with 11 pots and 8 buttons using the Teensy 3.6, I know that I'm only using 1% of the capabilities on this one...but is what we already have.

    I designed a simple pcb for the pots and the teensy, and I'm having troubles with noise/jitter, receiving random messages through midi even when not using my pcb, connecting just the teensy. I have readen that I would need smoothing, but after trying 3 different codess it's still doing the same.

    I have tried this two different codes, but is doing the same with both, also attached the schematic of my project.

    I'm a newbie in arduino/teensy...well in digital and coding, so please be patient.
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    The ResponsiveAnalogRead library is commonly used to smooth the analog input, works like a charm. See the 'Many_Button_Knobs' example in the Teensyduino install (File > Examples > Teensy > USB_MIDI).

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