Hi. I'm trying to achieve something similar to the THR_Footswitch by Mathis Rosenhauer (LINK) but with a Teensy 3.6 and its second USB port. The THR10 guitar amplifier is a MIDI Device, so the Teensy must act as an USB host. The THR10 will be the only device that is connected to the Teensy. All that is missing is the implementation of my SendToMidi() method, which shall be able to send an array of bytes of any size like this:

bool SendToMidi(byte[] byteArray, int nLength)
// Use SendSysEx to send byteArray to the THR10 over USB

Currently, I only want to send SysEx-Data and not receive anything. I am aware of USBHost_t36, but I wasn't able to find an example for this (presumably) simple task. Can anybody show me how to

- Setup() USB MIDI for the second USB port
- Implement the beforementioned SendToMidi() function

Any help is highly appreciated.