I have gotten pretty far with my project to develop an IMU-based head tracker to be used to control the POV in a flight simulator or game. The Teensy receives the IMU data just fine and sends it to my main program that processes the IMU data into new values to be sent to the simulator. Although the software isn't finished, it is ready to be tested in the simulator.

All I need to do now is to send the pitch, roll, and yaw signals to the sim via the USB port. And that's the problem. After a pretty exhaustive search I can't seem to find the generic serial commands that any game that supports head tracking will accept?

I have looked at the Teensy FlightSimulator and Joystick examples but none seem to address the POV protocol that the simulation will accept. For example, in a flight simulation, Joystick.X would be the roll of the plane, not the pilot's head.

Any suggestions? You help will be greatly appreciated.

Here is a link to a screenshot: