Hi Folks,
Been spending sometime time (i.e too much) thinking, coding and reading up on the best way to get my teensy connected to my phone wirelessly.

I was wondering what is the board's collective experience with the ESP8266, often thought of as one of the better chips to bring in WIFI connectivity to the teensy.

From what I've learned this is likely a loaded question. Because the ESP8266 is
- Arduino compatible
- Has a number of different firmwares one can flash
- Can be used standalone
- Or with a teensy as co-processor.
- Has various hardware form factors with different pins (ESP-01, ESP-05, ESP-12E, ESP-12F, ESP32, ESP1337, ESP0xCAFEBABE, ESP0xDEADBEAF etc )
- Has a very interesting wiring and boot up process to get started with the platform itself

I have yet to stumble on a guide that comprehensively discusses these different hardware configurations (I saw a post on the different hardware form factors last year), the best supporting library to use (I've played with a number of github projects some to more success than others) and just exactly what to use for the various use cases out there.

Even after spending this much time on the teensy and documenting things as I go along, I'm left wondering of the following:
0. Is the ESP8266 still considered a good option for wifi connectivity
1. Is there any kind of best practice document on wiring up the teensy 3.2 to esp8266. I.e sometimes I saw on this board that serial1 is the preferred interface to hook up to the teensy (I'm using serial2, and using serial1 to debug my incarnation of the library)
3. Is there an async library to use ESP8266 'vanilla' (i.e using espressif's firmware with it's AT command set)
4. Does a firmware exist such that the ESP8266 can handle all wifi + static html content (it this amazingly large flash memory that I'd like to work with) while still offloading certain, say, HTTP queries to the teensy
5. Has anyone, recently, able to replicate dougboy's 4608000 baud rate with the esp8266? (I can't get past 115200 on serial2 just yet (results in 10KB/S transfer rates)) See Teensy-3-0-UART-datarate
6. Whats the last word on needing CTS/RTS?
7. Will the teensy4 have wifi built-in so I don't have to worry about all this as i'm going to bed at night

I guess I'd like to get this kind of integration out of the dark a bit and possible build in some really nice wifi support