I'm developing a board that receives artnet data from various softwares (Madmapper, Touch Designer, Millumin, vvvv, node.js and max/msp have been tested) and spits that data to led pixels (ws2812b, ws2813, ws2815 and sk6812RGB have been tested).

Everything is working great, I can control up to 4800 rgb leds @ 44fps (600 per outputs with 8 outputs thanks to the nice Octows2811 lib) with a teensy 3.2 (F_CPU@120MHz/SPI@30MHz) + w5500 ethernet chip (single socket/large buffers).

On my next revision of my board I plan to use a teensy 3.6, and I read it has 16 DMA channels. I've been searching on the forums informations around that, and to be honest I'm reaching my limits understanding that.

My question is: is there a way to use these 16 DMA channels to have 16 pixel strips outputs ? And if so, what would be the way to do it ?

Below is the current revision of my board (only 4 outputs).


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