Hi all,
I am a new member of the forum, in which I hope to find some help for a complete newby like me.
First of all, sorry for my poor english, I am an italian guy
So, I am into simracing from a long time, and I recently moved to the "open" side of the hobby, since I bought a direct drive steering wheel system and I moved to pc instead of consolle.
Time ago, a friend of mine helped me converting a steering wheel to be used on the dd wheelbase, and he used a teensy board to do that.
Long story short, some time after I needed to re-do the conversion and unplug the teensy board from the mainboard of the wheel.
Now I have this spare teensy board and I was thinking to use that to make something useful for simracing, like a button box or maybe some led indicators for rpm or race flags.
Problem is, I do not have any knowledge to do something like that, I can't solder, I can't program anything, so I really don't know where to start.
I would like to accomplish something really easy with this teensy, because intead that will remain closed into a box forever doing nothing.
If someone would be so kind to tell me how to start with this project, that would be great.
(I am also open to hear "you'd better leave the idea right before the start if you don't have any idea at all about that)