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Thread: Software to put LED patterns on Teensy

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    Software to put LED patterns on Teensy

    I currently have a wearable LED project that I want to mix up the patterns I have. I would like to make or generate new patterns. I have looked at different programs (Jinx, Glediator, LEDEdit 2014). These programs are effective in the sense that lights can be controlled if connected to a PC. I want to cut the cord and put patterns on my Teensy. How is it possible to "convert" the output from these programs to Arduino?

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    Several ways to do it, none of them trivial.

    By personal preference I prefer to generate pattern on the fly using Perlin noise and similar effects but this requires a fair bit of knowledge about the generating effects and are prone to hard to locate edge case problem.

    The possibly simpler option is to save effects to memory. Full frame patterns require 3 bytes per pixel to save so the teensy EEPROM will not give you many frames. Solutions are to use various forms of compression or use flash memory to store the frames.

    A basic alternative would be to take existing display code add an SD card and modify things so that each byte read from serial/ethernet gets written into a file on SD card, possibly broken up into one file per frame to allow better control of refresh rates and keep total file size manageable. Then your display code reads the first file on the SD card and streams it into the display buffer in the same fashion as the original display would have, other than needing some sort of timing code to control when frames are to be written (otherwise will just write pixels out in fast forward)

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    The FastLED library is good. There are many demos that generate patterns and the library is very well supported. Whether you decide to replay predefined patterns, reuse existing demo coffee, or write new code.

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    Thanks for the responses.
    A little more about my set up. I have made an app using App Inventor to control my suit. From the app it triggers the Teensy to run different parts of the sketch. Right now my patterns are linear. What I mean is that the patterns follow the path of the lights. I want more "dynamic" patterns that don't follow the path. I want to use software to generate patterns. The problem I am having is figuring out how to get the patterns from the software to run on the Teensy. GremlinWrangler touched on one way I was thinking of doing it, by capturing the pattern as it runs on serial. So I would need a way to capture serial.
    For any one using LED Edit, I am not sure what controller to use in setting up a new project.
    I am using FastLED.

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    I am still looking for a program to use that will take patterns (either pre-made or custom) and make them compatible with a Teensy (Arduino). I have looked at programs like LED Edit, Glediator, Jinx, etc. LED Edit looks promising for what I am looking for but I can not figure out which "output" to use. Glediator and Jinx are ok to transfer to Teensy but I have not been able to figure out how to make custom patterns. One thing I like about LED Edit is that I can easily make a layout of my lights.
    Any new thoughts are appreciated.

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