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Thread: PlaySdWav: limit to file size?

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    PlaySdWav: limit to file size?

    Another project for me, a very basic WAV player, with Teensy 3.2 and Audio Board. Does nothing more than wait for a button, to start playing a track for more than an hour.

    The WAV file of more than one hour is 875 MB. It would not play. I chopped the music up in shorter pieces with Audacity. A 3 minute WAV file "VOC01.WAV" is 31 MB, it would not start.

    The same code with a shorter piece of 1:30 minutes plays well, as do the Teensy test files SDTEST1.WAV etc. I have made sure that the filenames are 8.3 compliant.

    With the SdCardTest program, I changed "SDTEST1.WAV" into "VOC01.WAV" in several places. The program returns the same results as with SDTEST1.WAV. So, I'd say reading the file is not an issue in itself.

    The SD card is Transcend 16 GB, not the SanDisk (yet).

    Is there a limit to the file size the playSdWav can handle?

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    I know this is a pretty old thread, but Im wondering if you ever figured out an answer to this question?

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    I was doing a project using a Teensy3.6 so I thought I would try this out as the 3.6 has its own SD card.
    I used the WavePlayer sketch in the Audio Library and set it for AudioAnalogStereo. I then downloaded SDTEST1.WAV to a 16 GB MicroSD, put in teensy3.6 and it played perfect. I then opened SDTEST1.WAV in Audacity and repeated it 100 times to give me a file 1.6 MB approx. Put micro SD in Teensy3.6 and large file Played perfect

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    Since the old thread was started, SD card access has completely changed. We switched from the ancient SD library to SdFat, and SD.h is now just a thin wrapper which uses SdFat to access the card. Filenames are no longer limited to 8.3. SDXC cards work. Probably a lot of quirks and limitations are long gone.

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    yes, things move on, way back about 6-8 years ago I used WaveHC WaveRP etc I think on a UNO and was able to "seek" part way into a WAV file or maybe a RAW file. I was able to play part of a file or repeat part of a file. Is seek etc still available somewhere ?? When I read the GUI I only see positionMillis and lengthMillis. Is there ways to use these to "seek" etc or any examples of other functions. etc etc ???

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