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Thread: Two CS42448 chips with a single Teensy 3.6 for 8 or more audio inputs

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    Two CS42448 chips with a single Teensy 3.6 for 8 or more audio inputs

    I am trying to build a simple mixer i.e. it will take 8 or more(max 12) channels of analog audio signals mix them and output to a single DAC channel. I know that for 6 channels I can use a CS42448 board( as PaulStoffregen has mentioned in this thread that it is possible to use multiple CS42448 chips for more than 6 input channals now the problem is that I have to design the full mixer board from ground up with 2 of these chips.
    Now the question for which I am posting here are.
    1. How do I connect 2 of these chips to a single Teensy 3.6 (the interconnection between The Teensy and these chips)
    2. Is there any repository where I can find the CS42448 Multichannel I/O board circuit/schematic diagram for reference use.

    It will be very helpful and i will be very obliged for any help provided.

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    When Paul said that it was possible, it is technically possible. That does not forcibly mean that anyone has done that in practice. Thus, it might be better that you study the CS42448 data sheet to understand how you chain these up and to study the source code of the TDM input object of the audio library to see how to communicate with the Teensy.

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    Thanks for the fast reply sir. I am looking into the data sheet and will surely study the tdm object. Also will post here regarding my progress.

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    Much as I'd love to see you make use of Teensy and CS42448... if your goal is "to build a simple mixer", why not use the usual analog approach with just opamps?

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    I'm building a mixer with teensy. Currently working on software and pcb prototyping stage. Using PCM5242 and PCM1865 parts. You can have maximum 16x16 input/output with TDM on the two i2s lines in theory.

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