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Thread: Midi 2.0

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    I'm eagerly awaiting MIDI 2.0 on a Teensy someday, though I fully understand Paul's request for certain prerequisites.

    Right now I've got a Teensy-based MIDI controller that works great but only with 1/4 of its capabilities enabled at any given time. It will only realize its full potential once 2.0 is more widely available. Until then, I will keep refining other aspects like the UI, ergonomics, etc... patiently (could be a couple more years before 2.0 really matters, who knows).

    I appreciate the effort both past and future on MIDI support.

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    reading Paul's p#23 - it seems it needs to be established and commonly available to use an off the shelf device with support of a common OS.

    Until then following the spec might get something technically correct - with lots of work to verify - and then have an audience of ONE person testing on some specific hardware.

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    Right. Like I said I'll wait patiently. Eventually though this will trickle down into most electronic music gear, I hope, instead of this going the way of Super Audio CDs. MIDI 1.0 has been incredibly useful and has a lot of room to improve so I am optimistic.

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