I was soldering up a Teensy 3.6, soldering stacking headers to all of the outside 48 pins, and soldering in normal headers for the USB/Aref/A10/A11 and USB header when I noticed I was running out of solder. I need to order some more solder, or perhaps get some from the store down the street. On the other hand, I did notice I have 5 spools of de-solder copper braids (I only need to use the braid once or twice), so perhaps I'm getting better at soldering things. :-) And I was able to do connectivity tests for all 40 digital pins.

It's a shame, I was on a roll. I still have several more steps to go:
  • Attach a header for the back 5 pins (reset, program, ground, 3.3v, and Vbat) and include a breakout so I can use the reset/program buttons, and attach a coin cell battery for the RTC;
  • Solder up the FrankB 3.6 -> 3.2 shield board with long pins, and to that attach a Teensy Feather Wing adapter and finally the Teensy prop shield on top of the feather wing adapter;
  • Solder Feather 12 and 16 pin header shields so I can mount feather boards;
  • And finally solder the bottom prototype board with female sockets and put out breakouts for the various things I want to attach (right now, 8 pins to bring out 2 SPI displays, but also i2c/serial/analog breakouts).

On the other hand, I did burn my middle finger on the iron and I touched a piece of plastic to the middle part that is hot, and I need to manually clean the iron now that it has cooled down.