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    Never..never...never..never ever use cheap Dupont jumper wire. never.

    Ten minutes ago, I dumped them all. Yesterday, the whole evening I tried to identify a bug. All was OK, and I could find no reason why my hardware was not doing what it should..
    And yes, I removed the jumper-wires and checked them with the multimeter - 3 times - all seemed to be OK(?)
    Well... 12 minutes ago, I found that one of them had no contact when I attached it to the board. When some pressures was applied. I replaced it with a simple wire (from Pauls` audio tutorial kit) and magically the hw started working.

    Now, a beer...

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    @Frank B

    Found that out about the same way you did. I usually get these from amazon and they seem to be reliable: YoYo has different lengths. If I need a strange length I make my own - get the parts and sometime the assembled jumpers from pololu which are pretty good too.

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    Yup, I've had many of those cheap wires fail. Even when they do work, you've connecting your circuit with little resistors since the wire inside them is so incredibly thin.

    Breadboards were designed (in the 1970) for #22 solid wire!

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