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Thread: Frank's MP3 Player2 Question

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    Frank's MP3 Player2 Question

    I'm trying to test Frank B's MPG3 Player2 example code and cannot hear any sound out of the audio line output which I assume would be present when running the sketch with recorded MPG3 music on the SD card. However, no sound is present and the monitor lists each of the 5 songs being accessed is rapped sequence. I have not altered the code except to comment out the setup and main loop reference at the bottom (see attached sketch). The monitor lists the following which :

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    Also, I'm wondering about the usage of EEPROM to store the track position:

    void playFileMP3(const char *filename)
    Serial.print("Playing file: ");
    Serial.print(" - ");
    trackchange = true; //auto track change is allowed.
    // Start playing the file. This sketch continues to
    // run while the file plays.
    EEPROM.write(0,track); //meanwhile write the track position to eeprom address 0;

    // Simply wait for the file to finish playing.
    while (playMp31.isPlaying()) {
    // update controls!

    If the track # is written every time a new track is accessed and code is run over a long period of time, wouldn't this reduce EEPROM life expectancy? It seems a RAM location could be used instead. Any thoughts on this?
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