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Thread: Discontinued ILI9341 Touch Display?

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    Discontinued ILI9341 Touch Display?

    I noticed on PJRC store website that the ILI9341 Touch Screen Display is listed as discontinued with no inventory. Is that really true? If so, is there an alternative that can use the same libraries (i.e. ILI9341_t3.h and XPT2046_Touchscreen.h) and uses the I2S bus? I've check Adafruit, but it appears they do not. I have a whole lot of software written around this display!

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    Are you looking at the right one?
    It shows that they are in stock. I know they no longer have the one without touch:

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    Actually Adafruit does have a 2.8" ILI9341 capacitor touch display with SPI bus, but not sure if it can use the same PJRC libraries. A lot more expensive though!

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    Thanks Kurt, somehow I got on the wrong PJRC website link. Your right it is not discontinued.

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    We did discontinue the smaller 2.2 inch ILI9341 display. Maybe you found that page?

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    Paul, yes I did use the wrong web page that had been save a long time ago ( I am designing this display into a new product so I should probably ask Robin if these displays can be ordered in large quantities (> 25) at a time.

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