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Thread: Quick Ground Question regarding the Teensy LC

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    Quick Ground Question regarding the Teensy LC

    Is there or would there be anything wrong with connecting the a ground pin directly back to the USB shield ground to have a cleaner more direct ground back to the computer when using a USB connection? I just want to make sure I don't fry anything or cause any major issues. When I do a conductivity test it appears the LC's board grounds do not link fully and cleanly with the USB Shield which is why I ask this.

    The Teensy is being used as an HID device with all buttons on that common Ground Rail.

    Thank you

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    The Ground pin should be connected to the ground plane which should be connected to the USB gnd.
    (scroll down for LC).

    There are filters on analog gnd and 5V supply but odd that you should find anything on the digital gnd. You may need to cross reference your measurements with the schematic.

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