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Thread: Arduino IDE boot loop. Anyone ever see this?

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    Arduino IDE boot loop. Anyone ever see this?

    I have this project, and up until this afternoon, it was working. I was debugging, and I'd just loaded a fix. During execution, when the code reached the point that it was accessing the Wire2 port, the serial console grayed out, and the Teensy application re-flashed the Teensy 3.6. all by iteself. This now happens every time the code execution reaches that point. I can prevent what I call "the brownout" from happening, by commenting out the Wire2 access; other code examples I have that sends bulk data over the same I2C port seems to work just fine, with the same boards.
    I'm reluctant to rip out and reinstall the entire Arduino IDE, and all the libraries (there's been some heavy modification).
    Has this happened to anyone?

    Postscript: Please ignore the aforementioned. I sent that poor pointer sailing off into the stratosphere at *very* high mach numbers. MODF.
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    This sometimes happens if your code crashes.

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