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Thread: OTA Sketch Updates for Teensy

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    OTA Sketch Updates for Teensy

    I have been using a Teesny 3.2 for the past 18 months to drive a string of 850 WS20812B LED's around the perimeter of my backyard deck using the FastLED program and the Arduino IDE. The programs run various light colors and patterns based on the season and holiday and turn on/off based on time taken from a RTC I have connected to the Teensy.

    I'm getting tired of bringing the Teensy in the house and connecting it to my PC to upload a new sketch so I'd like to look at OTA updates.

    Can you point me to a 'simple' & reliable method or tutorial showing how to connect an ESP8622 or ESP32 to the Teensy to enable OTA Sketch updates? Or is there a better way to do OTA updates with a Teensy?


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    There isn't a published supported way to update a Teensy beyond direct USB.

    Some others have made/found ways - but it takes looking to discover them and then the risk they will brick your Teensy in the process.

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    Honestly, the best approach might be to get a Raspberry Pi and have the Raspberry Pi program the Teensy.

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    You can use the flasher.cpp code here. Lots of checking and AFIAK, it has never bricked a teensy. At some point I should update it to work with teensy 4.

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