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Thread: Teensy not working

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    Teensy not working

    Today one of my Teensies(3.6) started to not work, so I wanted to know why and can I fix it.

    While the Teensy was on my pcb I wanted to upload a program, nothing new I did that maybe 50 or more times. This time however it did not want to upload it ,teensy loader did not show, I then wanted to manualy start it through a button on Teensy, but maybe one millisecond before I pressed the button the Teensy loader started to upload and said it was unsuccesful. The built in LED was now only half as bright and the teensy loader was not regognizing the Teensy, i pulled it out and now it was free in the air and not connected to anything (only to usb and laptop through it) it sill was not working. I measured its 3.3V pin (since i had burned them before) and it was solid 3.2-3.3V?

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    Teensy 3.5 & 3.6 have a feature where holding the button for 15 seconds causes a full chip erase. It's good you've already got code on the board which is turning on the LED, because that will allow you to know that you have indeed successfully erased.

    I suggest using a kitchen timer or watch with seconds display. When you press and hold the button, releasing sooner than 13 seconds or later than 17 seconds will NOT trigger the special full erase. Some people mistakenly hear "at least 15", but that is NOT how this work. If you hold longer than 17 seconds, it will not work.

    After releasing the button, allow about 1 second for the erase. Then press the button again, and hopefully Teensy Loader on your PC will be able to detect the board, if the hardware is still working.

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