Hi all,
I am in the process of converting a 1967 Volvo Amazon wagon to full electric and have chosen to use a Teensy 3.6 to control all kinds of auxiliary processes such as pump speeds, switching fans and valves, show warning leds and two OLED screens with information.
I do not want to use the flat pins on the back and with all functions I want on the Teensy the pinout occupancy will be close to 100%.
The pinout overview has been very helpful but I do not understand all assignments.
Hope you can fill me in on some of those.

1- Can I assume all pins except for the power and ground pins can be used as digital I/Os?
For example can I use pin 0 and also pin 3 (PWM) to control a gate driver (I'm using TC4422AVPA)?

2- Can I also use A10, A11, A21 and A22 to control this gate driver?
And why do these not have a 'regular' pin number?
Are these then perhaps analog only and (thus) for example suitable to dedicate them to my two thermistors?

If you're interested I am happy to post the full list but it's quite long
Thanks in advance for your help.
ps. Great product this Teensy 3.6!